About Beth

Quiet your mind & your soul will speak.
Nurture your soul and your life is transformed.
That is what I have come to know.  

My life used to feel overwhelming with my career, family commitments, big city, busy mind, frenetic pace and feeling completely disconnected from my authentic self.  The only exception to this was while on vacation, which I usually spent in wilderness places near nature. During these escapes I felt different, I felt tuned in and connected to who I am. I could get my fix of a quiet calm mind and a rejuvenated spirit.  But the reality was, I had to come back to my life when the vacation ended.

I began questioning what life would be like if I was always connected to my authentic self.  I went on a journey of self-discovery. I learned I wasn’t broken and I didn’t need to be fixed.  I simply needed to embrace who I am, love myself and live life being me.

I am grateful for many teachers that have crossed my path and walked with me. This journey has been profound.  Many of us ask the question “what do I want” and respond to ourselves saying “if I knew what I wanted I would go for it”.  I used to say that all the time, but now I know.  My purpose is to support others as they seek to discover their personal significance and answer the question “what do I want”.

It would be my honour to accompany you on your journey nurturing your soul.