to Nurture Your Soul

Trust the nudges

Universe whispers worth listening to

This personalized awakening journey takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. Each step on this path is a joyful and enlightening experience moving towards complete peace. Perhaps you don’t even know what you want, you just feel an undeniable longing for something that you can’t even quite articulate. If you are seeking and open to the possibility of a deep connection with yourself and all that comes with that then trust the nudges that brought you to this place.

You will experience a more conscious connection with yourself and the world around you as you embrace the gentle unfolding of your true essence. Imagine looking at yourself in a foggy mirror and watching as the reflection comes back into focus, each time seeing new sides of yourself. It takes a great deal of energy to uphold something you are not. You will feel liberated as you get in touch with layers of yourself. You may rekindle the relationship with the carefree playful inner being you once were.

On this awakening journey you will enrich your toolkit with resources that will allow you to embrace profound and lasting change. Clarity will be co-created facilitating deep inner peace as you wake up to your inner power. Following and trusting your path and what lights you up and feeds your soul you will feel whole. You will find your way with someone that understands the connections between the mind, body and spirit and how embodied practices support health and well-being. Discover, reconnect and be with yourself in new ways that you never thought possible. This work touches every part of your experience and you will feel significant positive shifts in your life. Don't allow the fear of “what if” ruin the joy of “what is”.

We use a multi-modality approach with lots of embodied experiences in nature therapy, restorative and grounded awareness as we cultivate self-compassion, self-love and alignment with your values and wiser self. You will find a warm-hearted connected presence with yourself and naturally lean into your more authentic life.   

Walk this special path and find inner peace.



Leap into the light
The universe will catch you
Trust the nudges
Universe whispers worth listening to
Answer the call
What is your soul calling you to do?
7.5 hours over 7 sessions includes 15 hours over 14 sessions includes 22 hours over 14 sessions includes
 One 90 minute Way Finder session  One 90 minute Way Finder session  One two hour Way Finder session
 Personalized one hour session
 every other week over 12 weeks
Personalized one hour sessions
weekly for 12 weeks
Personalized 90 minute sessions
weekly for 12 weeks
   One 90 minute Reflections session One two hour Reflections session
    Additional strategic recommendations
    Customized reading package included
$999 $1,797 $3,297
Email communication and support
Custom Soulwork - homework between calls that will nurture and enlighten
Customized reading recommendations
Sessions take place on phone, Zoom or available in person in Shanty Bay, Ontario

HST applicable on fees
Payment by etransfer/certified cheque at start of first month
Visa and MasterCard available with addition of 3% on fees

Awakening. Positive shifts. Embodied wholeness.