Photo of Crystals

Working with crystals is a personal spiritual practice where one connects with the Earth through their energies. We do not guarantee any stone will impact  physical or mental health, nor cure ailments or illness. Crystals should not be a substitute for traditional medicine.

Photo of Cards Decks

Cards that offer all kinds of messages when you need them most. Our own Forest Therapy Cards, Haiku Cards plus some other favorites just might resonate.

Photo of Gift Giving

Gift items made with loving hands and heartfelt intentions. Perfect choices to support our practices and share with friends and family. Ethically sourced and curated with love.

Photo of For the Senses

Offerings to sooth and support a wave of calm touching the senses. Sound, smell, taste, touch and sight are only some of the senses these items connect with.

Photo of Journals

Beautiful journals with pages waiting to be filled with your thoughts, dreams and stories. High quality, with stunning covers each carrying soul nourishing energy.