Caring for our world by giving

By definition, giving is to present or deliver voluntarily something that is one's own to someone else.  We all have something to give to make our world a better place, a more compassionate place.  It is not what is given that matters, it is that it is given from the heart and with the purest of intention.  That is what makes the gift, that which is given, truly special.   The gift is the intention to make the world a better place, and the gift wrap is the format.

I am caring for our world by living my authentic life and by giving a percentage of the proceeds of profits from Soul NurturerTM to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). More about CAMH below. Why CAMH?  A few reasons. 

My grandfather was a psychiatrist at various mental health institutions across Ontario, including holding the position of Medical Director at The Ontario Hospital on Queen Street in Toronto, then known as 999 Queen and later becoming CAMH.  At that time the Chief Medical Director and their family lived on site at the psychiatric hospital.   My grandfather was not a fan of some of the traditional therapies and he often used non-traditional therapies including working with patients’ strengths, mindful meditation and meditation in motion to help his patients. I feel he was quite ahead of his time. While I make no claims to be a psychiatrist, I do feel like I am carrying on his type of work and that is an honour.  There is evidence based research that shows that these practices can engage the parasympathetic nervous system allowing us to live with more ease.  In addition, one in five Canadians is affected by addiction and or mental health and I have been witness to it in my own family.   That is a very high statistic and the implications for the individuals and their loved ones can be heart wrenching.

We are each a gift to the universe, just by being who we are and living our authentic selves. That is the gift of intention.  Everything else we give is the fairy dust.  May it flow.

- Beth

CAMH is Canada’s leading hospital for mental health providing care for more than 30,000 patients each year. CAMH provides urgent, inpatient and outpatient care and specialized services for children, youth, families and seniors. CAMH has Ontario’s only 24/7 emergency department dedicated to psychiatric care. CAMH is also a leading centre for brain science research, focusing on genetics, molecular medicine, brain imaging and new drug development to better and prevent illness.

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