to Nurture Your Soul

Leap into the light

The universe will catch you

We all have times where we feel stuck and perhaps a bit lost. The longer we stay in this dark place the harder it can be to move into the light and sometimes we need someone to journey with us. This journey from darkness into the light is made up of tiny gentle steps that on reflection are a freeing and inspiring leap forward. We use a gentle multi-modality approach with lots of embodied transitional experiences. This work is magical and as your guide we are honored to accompany you on your journey as you answer the call to come home to yourself.

You will feel less stress and anxiety as you begin to remember what inner peace feels like. We will befriend all emotions and welcome them into the fold. You will feel lighter in body and spirit. This awakening will bring excitement for life and belief in all that is possible. You will begin to have a sense of greater control and start to trust yourself and your path. There will be new-found confidence and joy in discovering untapped internal resources that serve you in ways that will surprise you in a good way. You find a well of calm, a place you can go back to again and again as you continue to be nourished. You will begin to flourish in ways you had not thought possible.

You found yourself on this page, this paragraph, this description of a personal journey. This likely means you are ready for the exploration in self discovery. There is a famous quote - “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are” – Unknown. If you know nothing more than you simply don’t want to stay where you are perhaps this is the right path for you. You will journey with a guide that holds space for you, and shines the light as you begin to navigate small steps towards personal freedom.




Leap into the light
The universe will catch you
Trust the nudges
Universe whispers worth listening to
Answer the call
What is your soul calling you to do?
7.5 hours over 7 sessions includes 15 hours over 14 sessions includes 22 hours over 14 sessions includes
 One 90 minute Way Finder session  One 90 minute Way Finder session  One two hour Way Finder session
 Personalized one hour session
 every other week over 12 weeks
Personalized one hour sessions
weekly for 12 weeks
Personalized 90 minute sessions
weekly for 12 weeks
   One 90 minute Reflections session One two hour Reflections session
    Additional strategic recommendations
    Customized reading package included
$999 $1,797 $3,297
Email communication and support
Custom Soulwork - homework between calls that will nurture and enlighten
Customized reading recommendations
Sessions take place on phone, Zoom or available in person in Shanty Bay, Ontario

HST applicable on fees
Payment by etransfer/certified cheque at start of first month
Visa and MasterCard available with addition of 3% on fees

First steps. Journey begins. Taking control. Personal freedom.