to Nurture Your Soul

Answer the call

What is your soul calling you to do?

This journey is one that often starts from a place of overwhelm, burnout and mixed emotions. Seekers on this path have most often recently experienced or will be facing the end of the road so to speak in some area of their life. Every ending is always a new beginning. What might those be and where might those new paths lead? So herein lies the magic of this journey. We will focus on new possibilities and deeply meaningful ways forward. Perhaps on reflection this time of transition will be a gift from the universe inviting you to connect with your soul calling.

You will feel empowered living a life you designed, aligned with your values and signature strengths. No stone will be left unturned ensuring you find absolute clarity you seek. Imagine feeling less stress and anxiousness and more freedom to live your authentic life. Inner peace will come as you reconnect with yourself, remember what you love about yourself and find comfort living in your own skin. Most say they feel more alive, awake, and excited to be in control of their destiny rather than on auto pilot.

For those who find themselves in the midst of a career transition this journey is a unique alternative to traditional outplacement. You will have unique opportunities while taking side trips, exploring alternative paths each with their own lesson and value so transformation comes about with intention.

We use a multi-modality approach with lots of embodied transitional experiences. This work is magical and as your guide we are honored to accompany you on your journey as you answer the call to come home to yourself.



Leap into the light
The universe will catch you
Trust the nudges
Universe whispers worth listening to
Answer the call
What is your soul calling you to do?
7.5 hours over 7 sessions includes 15 hours over 14 sessions includes 22 hours over 14 sessions includes
 One 90 minute Way Finder session  One 90 minute Way Finder session  One two hour Way Finder session
 Personalized one hour session
 every other week over 12 weeks
Personalized one hour sessions
weekly for 12 weeks
Personalized 90 minute sessions
weekly for 12 weeks
   One 90 minute Reflections session One two hour Reflections session
    Additional strategic recommendations
    Customized reading package included
$999 $1,797 $3,297
Email communication and support
Custom Soulwork - homework between calls that will nurture and enlighten
Customized reading recommendations
Sessions take place on phone, Zoom or available in person in Shanty Bay, Ontario

HST applicable on fees
Payment by etransfer/certified cheque at start of first month
Visa and MasterCard available with addition of 3% on fees

Authentic transitions. Come home to yourself.