to Nurture Your Soul

Personal Journeying

Leap into the light

The universe will catch you

Price: $999

We all have times where we feel stuck and perhaps lost. This journey from darkness into the light is made up of tiny gentle steps that on reflection are a freeing and inspiring leap forward.

Trust the nudges

Universe whispers worth listening to

Price: $1,797

This personalized awakening journey guides you to where you are meant to be, even if you can’t articulate what that looks like. Trusting nudges, nurturing your soul and co-exploration you will reconnect to embodied wholeness.

Answer the call

What is your soul calling you to do?

Price: $3,297

This journey is one that starts from a place of overwhelm, burnout and mixed emotions. Seekers on this path are facing significant transition in some area of their life. Intriguing new paths will be revealed.

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