to Nurture Your Soul

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Classes

Supported in stillness go within and find peace

Price: $20

75-minute small group classes allow for individual attention in a soothing environment shared with other caring souls seeking deep inner peace. We use lots of high-quality props and focus on well set up poses.

10 Friends 2 Hours Pure Magic

Exclusive experience for your circle of friends

Price: $250

Bring together your circle for this unique and special experience.  Blend of restorative yoga, crystals, reiki, and animal spirits cards in our calming candlelit studio. Wonderful for book clubs, bridal showers, friends, and family gatherings.

Restorative with Crystals and Reiki

An exclusive experience for renewal

Price: $120 +

A two-hour Soul Nurturing Restorative Experience where you are fully supported in our candlelit studio.  Wrapped in cozy warm blankets, in healing restorative poses the session is customized to you with reiki and crystals. Completely relax, surrender and allow. Described as magical, mystical and blissful you will feel refreshed, light and filled with inner peace.

Custom Experience On Site

Your space transformed into a magical studio

Price: Custom

Bring the complete restorative experience to your location. With high-quality props and all the magical touches, we convert your space into a serene studio. Our specialized Restorative Guides lead your group in a magical experience.

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