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A girl has to do what a girl has to do...

I am kind of obsessed with frogs, have been my entire life.  You might think this blog is about having to kiss a bunch of unsuitable suitors to find your prince.  While that is always a nice story line this piece is about what we can learn from frogs and from the Restorative Yoga pose called Supported Frog Pose.  There are such incredible varieties of frogs and toads with all kinds of incredible abilities, kind of like superpowers and scientists worldwide are taking note of what can be learned from these critters.  Repeated studies have shown toads can anticipate earthquakes five days before they happen. Some frogs produce substances that have medical researchers extremely hopeful for all kinds of potential drugs and therapies. Frogs and toads are hyper sensitive to environmental changes and can provide us with early warnings of things that we need to pay attention to.  This is very true for me of the Restorative Yoga Frog pose.  In this forward facing pose, the entire front body is supported by the earth and a few props allowing for a nice release in the back body and an opening and releasing of emotions.  The forehead rests on the mat allowing the third eye to feel a deep connection to mother earth.  In this pose I allow myself to be a frog, to sense the environment in my own body and hear whatever wisdom there is for me.  Often profound knowings come to me while in this pose.  It feels very grounding and very secure.  If you feel overwhelmed give it a try and feel the magic of Supported Frog Pose.

By Beth Montgomery