Shared Words

From our hearts to yours

When life holds you back and you want to move forward

What holds us back? The very word change or thought of change conjures up a lot of emotion. What emotions come to mind for you when you think of change? Excitement, happiness, joy or fear, sadness, apprehension, annoyance, anger and distraction. I think more often than not negative emotions pop up when we think about change. There is an expression that we are hard wired for negative and Teflon for positive.

This past couple of years I have opened myself up to a lot of change. I have even invited change. This isn’t always easy but it is almost always worthwhile. I have come to realize we can’t force change to occur, it has to unfold in the divine order of things. I have learned to be more patient with myself and trust that eventually when a pebble moves boulders will follow. I have my sight set on one or two boulders in particular and thereafter even mountains are possible. Nothing holds us back but ourselves. I am learning to get out of my own way.

By Beth Montgomery