Offerings To Nurture Your Soul

Forest Bathing

Evidence-based research confirms that time in nature has profound healing benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing. Nature and your true nature come to know each other. The forest is the therapist…the guide opens the doors.

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Restorative Yoga

A passive healing practice where the body is fully supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets facilitating a state of deep relaxation. The nervous system calms and healing can take place. Being more while doing less.

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Personal Journeying

Transformational journeying for individuals. You will end up exactly where you are meant to be, and you won’t walk alone. You’ll develop a warm-hearted connected presence with yourself, find and lean into your most authentic life.

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Wellness Experiences

Experiences blending magical combinations of Forest Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Personal Journeying, Mindful Self-Compassion, Meditation, Reiki and Sacred Sound. Customized with purpose and curiosity to ensure each individual or group receives exactly what they need.

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Products To Support Your Practices


Working with crystals is a personal spiritual practice where one connects with the Earth through their energies. We do not guarantee any stone will impact  physical or mental health, nor cure ailments or illness. Crystals should not be a substitute for traditional medicine.

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Cards Decks

Cards that offer all kinds of messages when you need them most. Our own Forest Therapy Cards, Haiku Cards plus some other favorites just might resonate.

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Gift Giving

Gift items made with loving hands and heartfelt intentions. Perfect choices to support our practices and share with friends and family. Ethically sourced and curated with love.

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For the Senses

Offerings to sooth and support a wave of calm touching the senses. Sound, smell, taste, touch and sight are only some of the senses these items connect with.

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Beautiful journals with pages waiting to be filled with your thoughts, dreams and stories. High quality, with stunning covers each carrying soul nourishing energy.

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Our Story

A warm welcome from Beth and Niel. We feel sure it is no coincidence that you found yourself here. We know life can be overwhelming with career, family commitments, frenetic pace and feeling completely disconnected from our authentic selves. At one time we were both stuck in similar places. Some synchronicities and connecting the dots between what is and what is possible led us on a journey. Along the way we discovered some magical practices where we found deep inner peace and alignment with life purpose. We invite you to explore our offerings. We would be honoured to accompany you on your path to peace nurturing your own soul.…READ MORE